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Design Projects


A Thompson Center Plaza Reinvigoration

Chicago, Illinois

Handling a challenging site, with a postmodern Thompson Center as the main context and a client with real world concerns and challenges. 

Bath Townhouse Front.png

A Georgian Townhouse

Bath, England

Detailing where the program will best fit into the tight square footage requirements of a townhouse, and exploring facade designs that are beautiful. 

Rome Palazzo Long Section Compressed.png

A Roman Palazzo

Rome, Italy

Exploring an ancient building typology which has been present in Rome for hundred of years and applying it thoughtfully and beautifully. 

A Boutique Hotel

Washington dc

Embedding a boutique hotel inside of a created masterplan south of Union Station in DC, this project takes aspiration from local antique context to make a beautiful and cozy hotel. 

A Sufi and Mosque Complex

Ankara, Turkey

Utilizing the incredibly complex grade change present in Ankara, combined with urban intervention results in a fascinatingly intricate mosque and sufi complex.

Paris Longitudinal Section.jpg

A Parisian Art Museum

Paris, France

Introducing a complex site and the use of hinges in plan for the first time. 


A Villa inspired Hospice

Rome, Italy

Employing the villa typology which is present in the most lavish conditions and offering a simplified yet still thoughtful integration for use as a hospice. 

Project 2 - Edicule.jpg

An introduction to Classicism

South Bend, Indiana

The start of design in a classically inspired program that would lead to the fundamentals of design in the future.



Watercolor, Pen, Pencil, and Marker

Quick hand drawn sketches in many different mediums. From watercolor sketches to pencil, to ink. 

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