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A Roman Palazzo

Rome, Italy

This Roman Palazzo along Via Giulia sought to appropriately infill a small parking lot currently disrupting the urban vitality of the block. By using the historic Palazzo typology, this became the site for the proposed Academy for the Arts, a learning institution meant to be a center for research and artisanal practice.

The ground floor features mercantile space with the most significant academic and workshop rooms on the Piano Nobile. Enfiladed rooms reflect the typology on main floors, while load bearing walls carry up to form the affordable apartments for the researchers in residency. The palazzo angles with the street to receive the people coming from S. Maria in Vallicella, ultimately responding to the existing Roman streets and visual termini through its form. 

The Plans

Working with irregular forms and playing with the use of poche.

Palazzo CLose with Site in Red.jpg
Roman Palazzo_Final Plan_Ground Linework_No Background_COMPRESSED.png
Roman Palazzo_Final Plan_First Colored_No Background_COMPRESSED.png
first floor
Roman Palazzo_Final Plan_Third Floor.png

The Elevations

How the plan rises up and gives way to the classic roman palazzo character

Rome Palazzo Long Section Compressed.png
Longitudinal Section
Rome Palazzo Short Section NO SKY.png
Transverse Section
South Elevation Rome.jpg
South Elevation
Roman Palazzo_North Elevation.png
North Elevation
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