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A Boutique Hotel

Washington dc 

The quiet park land to the south of Union Station and northeast of the National Mall requires an Urban Intervention in order to reactivate the space and facilitate the pedestrian movement to and from the transit hub that is Union Station. Because of the strict zoning of the area and the urban conditions of the area and surrounding neighborhoods, our team sought to create variety in the urban fabric through different heights, densities, and building types. 

The site of my proposed Boutique Hotel was chosen for its location along the introduced pedestrian boulevard, the retail-heavy center of the neighborhood. Looking to historic precedents of the D.C. area for the Romanesque influences and it’s neighboring townhouses gave the hotel its character. Additionally, the introduction of IBC and ADA requirements proved a necessary cohesion of beauty and accessibility. This design was rooted in multiple cozy gathering spaces, carving out pockets for dining, entertainment and professional meetings, ultimately providing program for hotel residents visiting the city or residents of the newly designed neighborhood. 

The Masterplan

A group project to introduce built environment to an underused area.

Satelite Close II.jpg

The Hotel

A boutique hotel in the quainter part of the masterplan.

Masterplan with Site in Red.png
Hotel Site
Ground Floor with Context FINAL.jpg
Ground Floor
Plans and Bay Plate FINAL.jpg
Upper Floors and Detail
Front Elevation ReRender.jpg
Side Elevation ReRender.jpg
Section New Windows ReRender.jpg
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