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A Sufi and Mosque Complex

Ankara Turkey

This urban intervention in Ankara, Turkey sought to bring greater neighborhood connectivity in the context of complex topography. A large highway disrupts the site, connecting an isolated city hall to the South and a bustling historic neighborhood to the North and leaving the center to dead space as a result. An introduction of both a Mosque and a Sufi religious complex within a greater neighborhood urban intervention sought to reconnect and reactivate this neighborhood around a religious pedestrian center. 


A monumental staircase confronts the mountainside terrain into different terraced levels, inviting pedestrians through the new and historic Ankara city fabric.The Sufi Complex and Mosque are significant centers of pedestrian activity, each resting on different yet permeable terraces, emphasizing the synergy between religion and music to Sufic culture. The performance hall embodies unique character, influenced both by western and eastern precedents to adapt to the stark urban conditions, yet still overall looking to historic typologies used for the Sufi performances.

The Site

The site, a complex integration of terraces and intricate terrain.

Ankara Terrain Map 5' Change.jpg
Existing Conditions
Current Conditions Masterplan v.1.JPG
Existing Conditions
Proposed Conditions Masterplan v.1.JPG
Proposed Condition
0' Street Plan v.1.JPG
0' AGL - Street Level
15' Performance Hall Plan v.1.JPG
15' AGL - Sufi Complex
30' Mosque Complex Plan v.1.JPG
30' AGL - Mosque Complex
45' Top Street Plan v.1.JPG
45' AGL - Street Level
Urban Street Section.png
Section A
Proposed Conditions Masterplan v.1 CUT C.jpg
Stair Section Looking towards Mosque_.png
Section B
Proposed Conditions Masterplan v.1 CUT B.jpg

The Sufi Performance Hall

A religious performance space with western and eastern influences.

1st Sufi Performance Hall 3-16 Scale_ Arch E COMPRESSED.jpg
First Floor
2nd Sufi Performance Hall 3-16 Scale_ Arch E COMPRESSED.jpg
Second Floor
Section of Front of Sufi Performance Hall.jpg
Section through Sufi Performance Hall .jpg
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