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A Georgian Townhouse

Bath, England

Given an area mostly consisting of fields east of the River Avon, the Bath masterplan was our introduction to urban planning on a neighborhood scale. By studying  how the city of Bath had naturally grown, we aimed to follow these local natural urban patterns in our masterplan. Introducing small, packed blocks of buildings with a more gridded townhouse structure, we developed our first master plan.

The Georgian townhouse is located in Bath, England and features four floors of a single family dwelling with a basement flat. The facade looked to historic townhouses in Bath, notable for their yellow limestone and simple ornamentation. This townhouse design was the culmination of a group master plan of the neighborhood in Bath, as one of many in its block. 

The Masterplan

A group project to introduce built environment to an underused area.

Bath Middle.jpg
Existing Conditions
Bath Masterplan Final.jpg
Proposed Conditions
Bath Masterplan Axonometric Final Edited.jpg

The Townhouse

A beautiful rendition of a townhouse. 

Bath Townhouse Front.png
Front Elevation
Bath Townhouse Upper Floor.png
1st Floor
Bath Townhouse Ground.png
Ground Floor
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