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An Introduction to Classicism

South Bend, Indiana

A once bustling historical housing are, the land to the south of Union Station and northeast of the National Mall required an improved urban development from its current conditions. Due to it's connections with the townhouse neighborhood to the northeast, the National Mall to the south, and the larger office buildings to the west an integration of differing building types and heights were required. 

The quaint boutique hotel introduced the correct scale to the part of the urban masterplan, taking inspiration from historic

buildings in the DC area. The introduction of IBC and ADA requirements proved a necessary challenge between design beauty and accessibility. The design consisted of cozy spaces and amenities for both the hotel and the nearby residents. 

The Art Gallery

An art gallery as an introduction to design.

Art Gallery Plate I.jpg
Plan & Front Elevation
Art Gallery Plate II_edited.jpg
Side & Rear Elevation & Section

The aedicule

The first design piece. One that would end up as a small part of every other project. 

Project 2 - Edicule.jpg
aedicule Design
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