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About Ricardo

Ricardo is a fifth year student of architecture at the University of Notre Dame with a minor in real estate.


Studying the forms, construction techniques, and aesthetics of traditional architecture and urbanism has provided a historical foundation to Ricardo's love of design. Not just visually beautiful design but also design that fits into its urban context and utilizes lasting building technology. Ricardo is also very passionate about technology, and loves to explore new rendering and modeling software. He hopes to continue to hone his craft and stay up to date on upcoming tech to further strengthen his architectural storytelling. 

To Ricardo, design is a marvelously complex craft; working on it with passion and attention to detail is the only way to successfully contribute. 

If you want to hear more about Ricardo, check out this video from ND Admissions. 


University of Notre Dame: School of Architecture

Class of 2024

Versed in classical drafting and rendering techniques 

Resume and Portfolio

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