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A Villa Inspired Hospice

Rome, Italy

Inspired by the villas in and around the Italian landscape, this project took on a humbler interpretation of the this beautiful yet underused part of Rome near the Colosseum. Taking the existing terrain and using it as a natural separation of the hillside into semi-private and semi-public parts, the hospice sits atop the hill, allowing the residents to experience the entirety of the hill. The pergola-lined landscape stair leads to an overlook in which the Colosseum can be seen, while a grand fountain with flowered terraces engages the west side of the hill, and a cypress climb leads visitors to the cafe. Olive tree orchards, and herb gardens also offer activity for the residents, ultimately cultivating a pocket of positivity reinforced by nature in a setting typically regarded as dreary and melancholy. 

The design of the hospice is humble, yet elegantly taking precedent from the villa typology. The hospice allows its shape to engage with the landscape around it, and offers all of the needs for the residents inside. In the uppermost floor the main volume separates the male from the female wing, allowing a shared space in the middle. Apartment type rooms are offered for those residents who are long term stays, while shared bath and kitchen wings are provided to those staying shorter term. 

The Site

Utilizing topography to create the villa inspired terracing. 

Villa Site Close.jpg
Existing Conditions
Masterplan HD.jpg
Pergola Section
Hospice Section
Cypress Section

The Hospice

A humble, yet beautiful villa inspired hospice.

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